Max Patches for Spectral Audio Freeze - Part 1

In 2008, I shared a number of Max patches for live audio freeze, using the techniques described in the Computer Music Journal article A Tutorial on Spectral Sound Processing Using Max/MSP and Jitter. These patches use the FFT - Fast Fourier Transform in Max to achieve a vivid, alive spectral freeze.

The links mentioned in the 2010 post Max patches back online are not valid anymore, so I revamped a first series of patches to ease the learning process. They are now available on this Download page.

Contents for the pack Max Patches Spectral Freeze Part 1:

  • 01-freeze-spectrum: analysis/re-synthesis of one spectrum
  • 02-stocha-freeze: analysis/stochastic re-synthesis of n successive spectra
  • 03-denoised-freeze: add rough denoiser
  • 04-ar-freeze: add attack/release smoothing
  • 05-harmonic-freeze: freeze successive "notes" or sounds to build harmony


  1. Hi,
    are these still available or are they now in the two bundles of spectral patches? :)
    All the best

  2. TonyK, thanks for your question. Indeed, I revamped all of the old patches. They are now available as two different packs on the linked Gumroad page. Best.


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