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From Bleu 2 to Bleu 3

On August 31st, I finished the score of Bleu 3, a composition for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano.Today, I wrote program notes:I composed Bleu 3 during the summer 2007. The piece has been inspired by the triptych "Les trois bleu" by Juan Miró. For this project, I adopted an iterative composition process involving several interests of mine.
First, I recorded Bleu 1, a series of three miniatures improvised on bass clarinet, basset-horn, and contrabass clarinet, using each of the three paintings as instantaneous inspiration.
The next step has been an electronic music piece called Bleu 2. All the sounds in this piece result from transformations of the Bleu 1 sound file through personal spectral processing tools.
Finally, Bleu 3 is a transcription of Bleu 2 into a quartet for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano. The eight sections of the piece are called Cristal, Fouillis, Louange, Ange, Abîme, Danse, Arcs-en-ciel, and Fureur.
Bleu 3 is an homage to Olivier Messiaen and is dedicate…