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Soundbreaking & the Talk Box

During the Thanksgiving break, I watched on PBS the whole Soundbreaking series. This great show, subtitled Stories From The Cutting Edge Of Recorded Music, sheds light on the process of record and music making, through eight episodes:The Art of RecordingPainting with SoundThe Human InstrumentGoing ElectricFour on the FloorThe World is YoursSound and VisionI Am My MusicHere is the official trailer:Precisions about the Talk BoxI found just one piece of incorrect information in the series, when the great Ben Harper describes how the Talk Box works. I have been teaching a course called The Spectral Nature of Sound at the University of Iowa, and I love to introduce the students to the Talkbox before studying other voice-processing machines such as the analog vocoder, the phase vocoder, a.o.In the episode about Voice, the Human Instrument, Ben Harper shows a great Roger Troutman excerpt, and says that the box sends electrical current down the throat of the musician. This is incorrect, of cou…

The Eleventh Year - Trailer

Coming soon! A new soundtrack to Dziga Vertov's movie The Eleventh Year.A collective project with musicians Nicolas Sidoroff, Clélia Bobichon, Guillaume Hamet, Krystian Sarrau, and Sébastien Sauvage. Here is a picture of our creation studio during the summer of 2015:

LOUi jams with Jhe Russel

LOUi is the Laptop Orchestra at the University of Iowa. Our ensemble is actually more than a laptop orchestra: the students explore and develop musical links between acoustics & electronics, using instruments such as laptops, analog synthesizers, acoustic and amplified instruments. Here are excerpts from a jam with dancer, choreographer, and rapper Jhe Russel:

Talk @ EPX Indie 2016

EPX, a video game studio, is a great student organization at the University of Iowa: a real art-technology project, gathering motivated and talented students. It was a treat to be their guest, and to listen to Jon Lonngren, developer of the boardgame Fallen Land. He presented his epic game, as well as the epic development process!