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Water Clock Presentation

Last week, scientific glassblower Benjamin Revis gave a great presentation at the School of Music, University of Iowa. He explained the inner workings of the water clock designed by French artist Bernard Gitton. Benjamin already presented at the Chemistry Department and School of Engineering. If you missed the presentation, he is giving one more at the Department of Physics & Astronomy on October 28, 3:30-4:30 pm. Don't miss it!

Jorge Montilla Moreno performs Electroclarinet 1

A colleague of mine at the University of Iowa School of Music, clarinetist Jorge Montilla performed in April 2018 Electroclarinet 1, a composition for Bb clarinet & live electronics. He gave a beautiful performance: I'm honored that the School of Music featured the live recording on their youtube channel: Jorge Montilla performing Electroclarinet 1.For more on the Electroclarinet project, check out the Electroclarinet web site.