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Live from SEAMUS 2021 with Will Yager

This Friday, April 23, we are performing live with Will Yager during the SEAMUS 2021 Conference . Our double bass & live electronics duet is taking part in the TWELVE interdisciplinary durational performance, curated by CCRMA at Stanford University . The TWELVE performance begins at 12pm (EDT), 04/23, and ends at 12am, 04/24. It features artists and musicians from around the world. We are performing on Friday from 8:30 to 9pm, EDT. You can stream this event from

Jamshid Jam at the Englert Theatre

Coming soon to the Englert Theatre in Iowa City: composer and setar player Ramin Roshandel and I perform on the Englert Stage. You can attend the concert safely from home on Wednesday, February 17th. Get your tickets now! Jamshid Jam Here is some information about that 30-minute show: According to Persian myths, Jamshid was the inventor of music . In Jamshid Jam , Charles and Roshandel attempt at, once again, discovering music. When Ramin Roshandel and Jean-François Charles improvise together, two traditions meet. Roshandel plays the setar; he has been trained in classical Persian music. Charles performs on live electronics; his improvisation background lies in European free jazz and avant-garde. In Jamshid Jam , haunting melodies and ancestral harmonies combine into a new imaginary folklore.