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François Villon's Ballade des pendus: new song & music video

When in 1463 François Villon wrote the Ballade des pendus from his prison cell, he launched a poignant appeal to his fellow human beings. Speaking on behalf of those found guilty by the courts – imprisoned or put to death, he implores his neighbors to have heart and not to condemn them a second time through their contempt and ignorance. With this song, Anika Kildegaard and I relay this call, which is still highly relevant more than five centuries later. The video also evokes a work dear to Villon: the Danse macabre from the Holy Innocents’ Cemetery in Paris , which reminds us that we are all equal in the face of death, regardless of our education, pecuniary wealth, or skin color. The song belongs to Jean-François Charles's Missa brevis Abbaye de Thélème . Missa brevis Abbaye de Thélème by Anika Kildegaard & Jean-François Charles

The Hunchback of Notre Dame with live musical group

After a sold-out premiere at FilmScene , we are performing our new soundtrack to the 1923 Hunchback of Notre Dame , starring Lon Chaney in Ainsworth, Iowa! Here is some press coverage of this unique performance: Washington Live hosted by Diana Rich with guests Jean-Francois Charles, Nicolas Sidoroff, Mike Zahs, November 1, 2023 on KCTC : Article in the Southeast Iowa Union - a.k.a. the Washington paper !, by Kalen McCain, November 2, 2023: Hunchback of Notre Dame, screening to feature live soundtrack . Interview on KCII radio hosted by Jennifer Wilkerson, with Michael Zahs, Jean-Francois Charles, and Nicolas Sidoroff, November 3, 2023: Halcyon House Washington Page on KCII radio, Nov 3, 2023 . Article in The Kalona News, by Cheryl Allen, October 25, 2023: Live music to accompany ‘Hunchback’ at Ainworth Opera House . The show is organized by Michael Zahs at the Ainsworth Opera House. Dinner is included - we hope to see you there! Tuesday, Nov 14, starting at 6 p.m. Review