Max patches - phase vocoder & audio freeze back online

After I wrote the Computer Music Journal article A Tutorial on Spectral Sound Processing Using Max/MSP and Jitter, I made available a number of Max patches designed to study graphical sound processing, time stretching, and spectral audio freeze, and to create new music! Several professors use these patches when they teach the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) in Max and its musical applications.

cycling 74 share page
you'll have to browse down the page to find my name & the associated patches

These patches disappeared from cycling74's web site when they revamped it in November of 2009. Good news, the share page is back; download here 16 free spectral Max patches:

  • 1-record-spectrum-in-matrix record sound directly in spectral domain
  • 2-record-play-frame-by-frame schematic playback
  • 3-record-play-speed-control playback slower or faster
  • 4-explore-the-sonogram the sonogram is an essential tool for the modern musician
  • 5-spectrum-your-graphical-transformations build your own graphical sound processing
  • 6-interpolate-2frames one way to interpolate between frozen sonic frames
  • 7-play-blur the stochastic secret to extreme time stretching
  • 8-play-with-transients faster on consonants, slower on vowels?
  • 9-segmentation basic sound slicing
  • 10-sliced-playback slice a sound and playback with fun
  • 1-freeze-frame freeze a sound: the idea
  • 2-stochastic-freeze-8frames sounds better
  • 3-freeze-slide musical interpolation between frozen sounds
  • 4-freeze-tail music & comets
  • 5-freeze-denoiser several composers used this one in their works
  • 6-melody-to-harmony like Stockhausen, compose your harmonies after your melodies

You will find great patches uploaded by other musicians and composers from the Max user community: make sure to explore the content of this share page!


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