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Ircam @ BU Center for New Music

A couple of days ago, I was talking with my friend composer Davide Ianni . He is currently very busy co-organizing this April 25-29 IRCAM residence at BUCNM, the Boston University Center for New Music . This event includes public lectures, demonstrations, a scientific conference, workshops, and two concerts at the ICA . On April 28th, you'll hear classics: Pierre Boulez Anthèmes 2 Beat Furrer Gaspra and Aria Tristan Murail L’esprit des dunes On April 29th, the JACK quartet is performing: Chaya Czernowin Hidden (US premiere) Jonathan Harvey String Quartet No. 4 Among the workshops, composer Grégoire Lorieux will be presenting Orchids - Grégoire is one of the best connoisseurs of this computer assisted orchestration software; he used it in several of his compositions. Grégoire was in Brest during the Electrocution 2016 festival .

Mozart, Ravel & Strauss in Brest

I'm delighted to play bass clarinet on Sunday with the Ensemble Sable & Ciel. After Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Two piano sonata by Marine Lombard & Claire Prévôt, Joël Doussard will be conducting: The Four Last Songs by Richard Strauss, starring guest soprano Helen Kearns Maurice Ravel's Tombeau de Couperin The concert is taking place on Sunday, April 24th, at 5 p.m., in the beautiful concert hall at the Brest conservatory.

Stockhausen's Mikrophonie I in Paris

Thanks to Philippe Arrii-Blachette's relentless energy, we are performing (with Ensemble Sillages ) Stockhausen 's Mikrophonie I in Paris this Friday (after our January performance of Mikrophonie I ). I hope you can come hear this music, rarely performed. The concert is taking place at église Saint-Merry , in the Rendez-vous contemporains season. The program features also great music by Jean-Luc Hervé, and Javier Torres Maldonado: Jean-Luc Hervé: Horizons inclinés (Ciacconia) , for violin & acousmatic system Javier Torres Maldonado: Cuarteto de Cuerdas número 2 , for string quartet Karlheinz Stockhausen: Mikrophonie I (1964), for two percussionists, two microphonists, and audio filters We had rehearsals in the church today: the sound is quite warm. It is a pleasure to work with the great team of La Muse en Circuit , our partners for the sound system.

Electrocution 2016 Festival

Tonight, I'm thrilled to perform with great artists: Passage , for percussion & live electronics, is premièred by percussionist Maxime Échardour. later, we are performing Rotonde , for piano & live electronics, with pianist Vincent Leterme. I am very excited, and very grateful to them and to the Electrocution festival organized by Ensemble Sillages. I hope to see you there tonight. More information: Electrocution festival 2016 .