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Science on Tap - Scientific Concert

You are invited this Thursday, February 20, 2020 at the Hancher Cafe, Iowa City, at 5:30 p.m. for Science on Tap The Scientific Concert: New Music Distilled from Geology, Physics, and Chemistry I will present how collaboration with musicians, scientists, and technicians has been at the core of the creative process for the Scientific Concert show premiered on October 27, 2019. I will also demonstrate new musical instruments made of stones and show exclusive making-of videos . I hope to see you there!

Max for Live: Spectral Freeze Pro

Spectral Freeze Pro is a Max for Live device. It allows for live audio freeze , with powerful and refined controls: Fade Attack and Release (fade from a frozen sound to the next) Denoise (spectral gate) Feedback (freeze several successive notes to turn them into a chord) Freeze and Clear buttons Dry/Wet Mix Use it as a live audio freeze plugin or to create ambient sonic landscapes. This stereo device has been optimized for Max for Live. It has a very low CPU load and has been tested at all available sampling rates in Ableton Live. All parameters are available for automation and MIDI mapping in Ableton Live. Make sure you have access to a device and host application allowing the use of Max for Live devices to use Spectral Freeze Pro. This software does not work as a standalone application, it only works as a Max for Live device. Tested with Ableton Live 10.1. License: GNU GPL v3.0-or-later Download the Max for Live device Spectral Freeze Pro . P.S.: I made this focused