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Another Electro Clarinet

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure to meet with amazing musician and clarinetist Kinan Azmeh . Not long after giving him a copy of the Electroclarinet CD, I discovered that he did gave a concert titled Electro-clarinet in Beyrouth in 2007 (here is a review )! That was a treat to have Kinan and his CityBand visit the University of Iowa. Kinan signed the music for the new video opera Iphigenia , a poignant multimedia work.

Electroclarinet album released

The Electroclarinet album in out! Available on most streaming and download platforms: Spotify , Apple Music / iTunes , Amazon , Deezer, Tidal , etc. Thank you for listening!

First look at the Sabre clarinet sensor

In October, we were lucky to meet with clarinetist and inventor Matthias Müller . He has worked for years on designing and performing with an augmented bass clarinet . Recently, he declined a portable version of the sensor system for any clarinet: the SABRE Multi Sensor . It includes an air-pressure sensor, a 3D accelerometer, two buttons accessible from the left hand, two buttons accessible from the right thumb. I love how they designed the buttons for the right thumb. You can change the orientation as you wish. Air pressure sensor and accelerometer are attached to the barrel. Graduate student Mauricio Silva working with Matthias Müller. Easy to connect to Max The sensors transmit data through Bluetooth. We had things working quite easily when tested on a Mac. I immediately tried to build an interactive delay in Max . It worked flawlessly: the sensors send OSC data. Mauricio plans on using the sensor for one of his main projects this year. I'll let you know his new music