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Improbable Orchestr'A

After working for two years in the Bellevue neighborhood in Brest, we are thrilled to announce the final concerts! A hundred children from four schools and one after-school program are performing with great artists from Ensemble Sillages : Stéphane Sordet, saxophones Céline Rivoal, accordion Maxime Echardour, percussion Gilles Deliège, viola Ingrid Schoenlaub, cello Cédric Monjour & Van Hien Bui, musicians, and teachers at the Brest Conservatory Henri-Pierre Deroux, artist Concerts Sunday, May 29th - 5 p.m. Conservatory Auditorium Rue Émile Zola, Brest Tuesday, May 31st - 6 p.m. Bellevue City Hall 25 Place Napoléon III, Brest Program Composing for this Improbable Orchestr'A was a commission from Ensemble Sillages. The program includes the following scenes: Avola , Mayotte song N’Guru Bwe , Mayotte song Kerhallouest Musical Brigade #1 Gnagna Bwe , Mayotte song Lapalu for viola & orchestra Passage for percussion & live electronics Kerhallouest Music