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The two voices in Benedictus

The last hour of 2020 is coming. I am very grateful to Matthew Arndt for listening with such care to Benedictus - and for writing about the song on the Academic Music @ UIowa blog . Matthew heard in Benedictus two voices, the one harsh and the other mournful . He makes many connections and gives great references to explore. I hope you enjoy his text! I wish all of you a happy new year - it's coming, right after Midnight! Picture remek .

Electronic Cactus

In November, composer & improviser Carlos Cotallo Solares and I recorded an homage to Jacques Dutronc's hit Les Cactus . This video presents an excerpt from the "live electronics only" track: Electronic Cactus video on youtube Check out here our electric guitar & live electronics duet .

GroundSwell 2020 Emerging Composers Competition

Groundswell is a wonderful organization dedicated to the development of new music in Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba, Canada. I've been invited to serve as a member of the committee for their first electroacoustic music competition, along with composer Margaret Schedel and composer William Brunson . It's been a fun and quite interesting adventure. We listened to more than two dozen compositions. I wish we could have included more than 5 finalists: there were a number of atypical nice compositions. To listen, head to the competition page . You'll find links to the finalists' music.

Tranquility, for double bass & live electronics

Tranquility is a sonic exploration of the double bass. The performers-composers Will Yager & Jean-François Charles created this piece in 2020, working in different spaces and times. Upon hearing it, some listeners found it “cool,” “fly,” or “serene,” which helped settle on the title. All electronic sounds are generated live from the sound of the double bass. The piece was streamed yesterday as part of the University of Iowa Electronic Music Studio concert Imaginary Soundscapes , under the artistic direction of composer Sivan Cohen-Elias . Download the concert program with notes on every piece. Tranquility is featured on the EP Krats/Strak ; get it from Will Yager's bandcamp . For more music with this duet, check out Petrified, for double bass & live electronics .