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Krats / Straks Pre-Order

New EP available for pre-order! It was a treat to record these three tracks with bassist Will Yager . How much is an album worth today ? With this EP, you get 18 minutes of new music for $3! Krats/Strak by Jean-François Charles & Will Yager Tracks Music for bass & live electronics. All electronic sounds are synthesized live from the bass sound. Krats (6:05) Strak (3:48) Tranquility (8:47)

Petrified @ SPLICE Festival 2020

Announcement, announcement! Bassist Will Yager and I are performing at the SPLICE Festival this Friday night! I'm thrilled with the concert program : it includes works by composers Alexandra Gardner , Mary Lou Williams , Christopher Poovey , Caroline Louise Miller , Michael Flynn , and the Schuette<>Sommerfeldt Duo . I'm looking forward to hearing the impressive line-up of performers, from Kyle Jones to Mark Michelli, from Robin Meiksins to Sam Wells and Noa Even. Find their bios on the concert page . Will and I are performing Petrified, for double bass & live electronics , a reflection on the plastic nature of rocks. The University of Iowa engineer James Edel did a great job at recording, filming, and editing the video. I hope you'll be able to watch & listen. The videos are going to be streamed on the SPLICE facebook page. And make sure you check out the complete festival program - personally, I wouldn't miss any of the concerts! Update: the sco

Benedictus & Baudelaire: L'examen de minuit

Jean-François Charles and the incredible LIGAMENT duo release Benedictus, a powerful mash-up of the latin text and Charles Baudelaire 's poem L'examen de minuit (Midnight Examination) , from Les Fleurs du Mal (Flowers of Evil) . The single showcases the stellar soprano Anika Kildegaard and the wild bassist Will Yager. Update December 2023: the song was re-recorded and is included in the album Missa brevis Abbaye de Thélème . Reactions "Sacré Baudelaire! The poem's tragi-satirical lighting has spared no one... and is still hot! The sound is just as irreverent (and addictive); familiar cues appear to be better disoriented... Acerbic!" — DM "Anika Kildegaard's voice is furiously vibrant & sweetly cruel. Will Yager, in a desperate attempt at brightening the darkness, is setting his bass on fire. LIGAMENT are perfect in this intoxicating Flower of Evil." — CE Lyrics Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini ; Hosanna in excelsis. La pendule,