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Petrified @ SPLICE Festival 2020

Announcement, announcement! Bassist Will Yager and I are performing at the SPLICE Festival this Friday night!I'm thrilled with the concert program: it includes works by composers Alexandra Gardner, Mary Lou Williams, Christopher Poovey, Caroline Louise Miller, Michael Flynn, and the Schuette<>Sommerfeldt Duo.
I'm looking forward to hearing the impressive line-up of performers, from Kyle Jones to Mark Michelli, from Robin Meiksins to Sam Wells and Noa Even. Find their bios on the concert page.Will and I are performing Petrified, for double bass & live electronics, a reflection on the plastic nature of rocks. The University of Iowa engineer James Edel did a great job at recording, filming, and editing the video. I hope you'll be able to watch & listen. The videos are going to be streamed on the SPLICE facebook page. And make sure you check out the complete festival program - personally, I wouldn't miss any of the concerts!

Benedictus & Baudelaire: L'examen de minuit

Jean-François Charles and the incredible LIGAMENT duo release Benedictus, a powerful mash-up of the latin text and Charles Baudelaire's poem L'examen de minuit (Midnight Examination), from Les Fleurs du Mal (Flowers of Evil).
The single showcases the stellar soprano Anika Kildegaard and the wild bassist Will Yager.ListenBenedictus by Jean-Francois Charles, featuring LIGAMENTOr with the lyrics:Get the music on bandcamp, or listen on your favorite platform:bandcampApple MusicSpotifyTidalAmazon MusicDeezerYoutubeReactions"Sacré Baudelaire! The poem's tragi-satirical lighting has spared no one... and is still hot! The sound is just as irreverent (and addictive); familiar cues appear to be better disoriented... Acerbic!" — DM "Anika Kildegaard's voice is furiously vibrant & sweetly cruel. Will Yager, in a desperate attempt at brightening the darkness, is setting his bass on fire. LIGAMENT are perfect in this intoxicating Flower of Evil." — CE LyricsBe…