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Del vero e del falso: Daniele Bravi's new album

I met composer Daniele Bravi in Roma, at the Villa Medici , when we were both participating in a one-week workshop with Pascal Dusapin . We had a great time there, sharing lively musical talks, and exploring instrumental possibilities on the clarinet that would match a spectral compositional approach. Then, we spent a lot of time together when we were studying with Ivan Fedele at Strasbourg Conservatory . I am delighted to bring to your attention a new monographic album with Daniele Bravi's music: Del veto e del falso - The True & The False . You are going to discover beautiful piano colors in Lettere dal manicomio... , while Meditazione Quarta is full of very nice timbre combinations: Daniele has always been very attentive to the inner ligfe of the sounds in his works. Personally, I was thrilled to hear the bass clarinet solo Aris : clarinetist Roberta Gottardi plays beautifully, with delicate, refined multiphonic sounds. It reminded me the days we shared when we played