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Two Cambridge clarinetists in Shanghai...

One of the first things I discovered in Shanghai Electroacoustic Music Festival last week was that our Prisma concert would be followed 2 days later by Bang on a Can All-Stars ! I chatted briefly with their sound engineer, but unfortunately didn't manage to meet with Evan Ziporyn : I had to leave to catch my plane before the beginning of their dress rehearsal... I hope we'll meet soon in Cambridge or Boston!

What is Electronic Music?

I am very honored to be invited to perform during the 2009 Shanghai Electroacoustic Music Festival . Last week, Chen Qiangbin, director of the festival, sent me a questionnaire about electronic music. He will include answers by many composers and researchers in a publication. Read my responses below, and don't hesitate to leave a comment with your own vision... One of the numerous electronic music instruments used by Pink Floyd on Dark Side of the Moon EMS Synthi A ad picture CC license by Zebra Pares 1. your definition to electronic music? Pure electronic music could be defined as music being produced solely by electronic means, like, for instance, Olivier Messiaen 's Fête des Belles Eaux for six ondes Martenot (1937) or Karlheinz Stockhausen 's Studie II , electronic music on tape (1954). But I prefer a wider definition, encompassing music produced through the use of both electronic and acoustic means. In that respect, works such as Pierre Schaeffer 's Étude aux