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10th International Biennial for Electroacoustic Music of São Paulo

Yesterday opened the 10th International Biennial for Electroacoustic Music of São Paulo, organized by composer Flo Menezes , the founder of the Studio PANaroma de Música Eletroacústica . Check out below the amazing program, including the projection of Stockhausen's Hymnen in a 52 speaker sound theater! I had the great pleasure to meet Flo Menezes in Kürten, Deutschland, when I attended the Stockhausen courses for the first time. Flo Menezes is as generous as his music; his experience and knowledge is immense, and he is always ready to share with musicians and students. Nova Ars Subtilior Last year, Wolke Verlag published Flo Menezes's new book: Nova Ars Subtilior - Essays zur maximaoistischen Musik . The book includes all of Menezes's Cologne lectures, as well as a conversation with editor Ralph Paland, in German. Menezes wrote other essays in English, about not only maximalist music , but also electroacoustic music, music and politics, Adorno, time in music, and mor