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Dudley House Jazz Bands - December Concert!

Picture for poster after Jazz by Geoff Coe. Friday, December 5th at 8:45 p.m. Dudley House's Main Dining Room (Harvard Yard). Refreshments will be served. If you live in the Boston area, get ready for a hot Jazz night in Dudley House , even if it's cold outside! Combo Our Combo will play swinging arrangements in different styles, from jazz waltz to rhythm'n blues. Alan Lenarcic has lead the rehearsals with brio, and the tunes will be: James P. Johnson's 1921 Carolina Shout , arranged by Karim Al-Zand. PeeWee Ellis & Jaco Pastorius's The Chicken Wayne Shorter's Infant Eyes Chick Corea's Times Lie Donald Fagen & Walter Becker's My Old School Creation As during each concert since last Fall, new music will be created: this time, the big-band's lead trombonist Ethan Fenn composed a new piece for a cool ensemble of winds, bass and drums. Looking forward to this world première! Big Band Repertoire: from 1937 to 1991 Our full big ban

Rêver - Music in Movement

Rêver is a composition for dancing clarinetist and singing dancer. It is the result of a great collaboration with choreographer and dancer Alice Gervais-Ragu. Enjoy the video (2004, Spirales tour of the Ensemble New Flore ): Karlheinz Stockhausen and Johann Sebastian Bach Rêver is the green piece from the Arc-en-ciel cycle . This pas de deux is of course influenced by the work of Karlheinz Stockhausen . Indeed, performing In Freundschaft was my first contact with a composition for moving musician. As a composer, Stockhausen is unique by the different ways in which he incorporated movement in his work. He asked several dancers to work with him (notably Michèle Noiret and Alain Louafi ), and notated movement in his musical scores. But I really composed Rêver as an homage to Johann Sebastian Bach . The piece is both a "Canon Contrarium Stricte Reversum" and a "Canon Cancrizans". It is a retrograde (or "crab") canon in contrary motion, that references

Bleu 3 - George Arthur Knight Prize

I took the picture on the left during the dress rehearsal for the premiere of Bleu 3 . The mug is used to play glissandi in the piano part, as you can see on this excerpt: Bleu 3 is a quartet for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano, linked in several ways to Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time . In June 2008, it was awarded the George Arthur Knight Prize by the Harvard Music Department . Students who recently received the prize include: Ashley Fure : Susurrus , 2007 Lei Liang : Serashi Fragments , 2006 José-Luis Hurtado : De relieve doble , 2005 Dominique Schafer : Fluchtpunkte , 2004 José Luis Hurtado: Of Green and Gray , 2003 Christopher Honett: Three Deaths in a Cambridge Museum , 2002 Christopher Trapani : History by Moonlight , 2002 Erik Spangler : Gut Matrix , 2001 Helen Lee: Strands , 2000 Lansing McLoskey : Tinted , 1999 Christoph Neidhofer : Nach Innen , 1998 Purchase the score of Bleu 3 on . Listen to Bleu 3 on .