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New Musical Instruments with Axoloti

We just started a new course at the University of Iowa School of Music : MUS:3285 New Musical Instruments: from Design to Performance . The School of Engineering's Electronics Shop laser cut the boxes, made by after vorplus's axoloti enclosure plans . I like the personalized engraving: Here is an excerpt of the syllabus: Registrar's description Acoustic principles of selected traditional instruments (e.g., winds, strings, percussion) as well as principles of electroacoustic sound production (e.g., analog synthesizers, microphones, transducers); students work in teams to build, test, and improve their own musical instrument and experiment with its playing modes; projects may include inharmonic variations upon classical instruments, musical bots, guitar or voice-processing pedals, transducer-driven DIY Gamelans, and more; for composers, performers, engineers, and sound enthusiasts who want to design, build, and/or perform with new musical instruments. Objectives and Go