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Marco Fusi plays new music for viola d'amore & live electronics

The Center for New Music at the University of Iowa is honored to present a recital by guest artist Marco Fusi : this Tuesday, April 19, at 7:30pm in the Voxman Concert Hall. The program includes David Gompper 's Nuance for solo violin, and the US premiere of Yu Kuwabara 's Water Voice / Bai and Dharani . Marco Fusi is also going to play two pieces for viola d'amore and live electronics. Tesseræ, for viola d'amore & live electronics Tesseræ was composed by composer Christophe Trapani for Marco Fusi. It draws inspiration from several traditional bowed instruments: the kemençe from Istanbul, the Indian sarangi, and the lyra from Crete . This piece was recorded and just released on Christopher Trapani's album Horizontal Drift . Voltaic, for viola d'amore & live electronics When Marco's recital was confirmed, I decided to write a piece for him and thought it was a superb opportunity to get to know the viola d'amore. Marco shared with me grea

Guest on Art + Music + Technology

Musician and technologist Darwin Grosse invited me for a discussion on his Art+Music+Technology podcast . I was delighted to meet with him again... Last time was at the Expo '74 2011 in Brooklyn, New York. I hope you enjoy the podcast. Check out the different episodes, this is truly an incredible resource: 378 interviews since 2013. And many are transcribed !

Electroclarinet 5 - Clarinet & live electronics

This is a live recording of Electroclarinet 5, for clarinet & live electronics . I performed it on Bb clarinet in November 2021, during jemFest, the Jacksonville Electroacoustic Music Festival at the University of Northern Florida . The score & software used for this recording are available: .

New Pi Hawkeye

In January, I had the pleasure of recording and producing the vocals for Jhe Russell's New Pi Hawkeye . I have worked with Jhe when he starred in the opera Grant Wood in Paris. Here, you can hear him rap his own lyrics: Rawzen · NEW PI HAWKEYE Learn more in the Daily Iowan's article on Jhe Russell .

Center for New Music plays two pieces by composer Davide Ianni

You are invited: this Sunday, the Center for New Music performs a concert with music by guest composer Davide Ianni . I will be performing Dedalo Nero , a brand new piece that Davide Ianni wrote for solo contralto clarinet. I'm also taking part on bass clarinet in Orme d'Ombre , for two wind quintets, double bass, piano, and percussion. Music director David Gompper paired these two works with Chanted Rituals , for trumpet/flugelhorn and 2 percussions by Vivian Fung and the ensemble piece Pour l'Image by Philippe Hurel . The concert is taking place on Sunday, Feb 13, at 7:30pm CST in the Voxman Concert Hall. Details and streaming link are available here .

Playing with the dawgs

Three Dawgs and a Bone are Steve Grismore (guitar), Rich Medd (trombone), Scotty Barnum (bass), and James Dreier (drums). I was lucky they invited me to play a couple of tunes with them on Friday, at the Trumpet Blossom - including free improvisation, an original, and Albert Ayler's Ghosts.