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The Eleventh Year, by Dziga Vertov

You liked the trailer? Enjoy now Dziga Vertov's 1928 movie with its brand new soundtrack!Dziga Vertov's The Eleventh Year on youtube. (youtube movie updated January 29th, 2017) Close-up of faces in The Eleventh Year, from Lev Manovich's Vizualizing Vertov article.

Voices of the World

For a long time, this wonderful collection of recordings was available only on a set of 3 CDs, coming with a detailed booklet. Great news: the Centre de Recherche en Ethno-musicologie du CNRS now makes the files accessible online, including a pdf of the booklet:Les voix du monde, une anthologie des expressions vocales (Voices of the World, an Anthology of Vocal Expression)I use these sounds regularly when teaching: for instance, the beetle-propelled Papua New Guinea melody #33 on CD #2 is very interesting when discussing formants. More generally, it is a well organized and documented collection of recordings dedicated to voices, and focusing on:Solo Voice Techniques: from calls to breath, from spoken voice to harmonic singing, from timbre to ornamentation.Polyphonic Techniques: from heterophony to chords, from drones to counterpoint.I also occasionally found there some inspiration when composing: I wrote the coda for Risorius for six singers after listening to this girls' duet fro…