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The Eleventh Year, by Dziga Vertov

You liked the trailer ? Enjoy now Dziga Vertov 's 1928 movie with its brand new soundtrack! Dziga Vertov's The Eleventh Year on youtube . (youtube movie updated January 29th, 2017) Close-up of faces in The Eleventh Year , from Lev Manovich's Vizualizing Vertov article.

Voices of the World

For a long time, this wonderful collection of recordings was available only on a set of 3 CDs, coming with a detailed booklet. Great news: the Centre de Recherche en Ethno-musicologie du CNRS now makes the files accessible online, including a pdf of the booklet: Les voix du monde, une anthologie des expressions vocales ( Voices of the World, an Anthology of Vocal Expression ) I use these sounds regularly when teaching: for instance, the beetle-propelled Papua New Guinea melody #33 on CD #2 is very interesting when discussing formants. More generally, it is a well organized and documented collection of recordings dedicated to voices, and focusing on: Solo Voice Techniques: from calls to breath, from spoken voice to harmonic singing, from timbre to ornamentation. Polyphonic Techniques: from heterophony to chords, from drones to counterpoint. I also occasionally found there some inspiration when composing: I wrote the coda for Risorius for six singers after listening to this gi