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Mario Caroli Drum Kit

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to record Mario Caroli, the great flutist. My project has been to create a library of samples for a "Mario Caroli" drum kit, for the Ultrabeat rhythm synthesizer & step sequencer (or actually for any drum machine). During a 20-minute recording session, Mario listened to sounds from a "classic hip-hop remix drum kit", and imitated them with his flute and his talent. I recorded the session in ProTools, the main system in Huseac studios.
I still have to edit the samples. I will make the whole final set available on the internet, Mario agreed with that. I will let you know as soon as everything is ready!A few Mario Caroli recordings available in the WidgetsMario Caroli is the Fromm guest of the Harvard Group for New Music in 2007/2008. He will come back for a concert on May 24th, 2008.

Derives - Film music

During my studies at Strasbourg Conservatory, there was an important interaction between the Conservatory and Festival Musica (and I am sure it is still the case.) I performed in the festival in 2000, 2001 and 2002, to play the music of Pascal Dusapin, Thierry De Mey (a Maximalist! program,) and Javier Torres Maldonado.
In Fall 2003, Ivan Fedele proposed me to take part to an exciting project: a collaboration with film makers around the topic "the building of the new Conservatory." The Cité de la Musique was in construction, and Marie-Claude Ségard, director of the Conservatory, had the idea of this collaborative art work. The result has been "En Chantier", a collection of 16 short films produced by the Festival Musica, the Conservatoire National de Région de Strasbourg, and the École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg.ProductionI worked on the short film Dérives, directed and realized by Sophie de Quatrebarbes, Élise Launay and Adeline Meilliez. Early in…