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Relative première

After the anagrams & first sketch for the composition Relative , here is the score: Axelle and Théophile, two singers at the Montbéliard Conservatory, are performing the piece this Saturday afternoon. During the rehearsal yesterday night, I liked a lot how they seamlessly integrated the "live electronics" and the singing. This miniature constitutes a small part of their exam recital: I wish them all the best.


Picture by leniners I'm thrilled to let you know that, after spending wonderful time at the Montbéliard Conservatory , I just took a new position at the Brest Conservatory. Read here a short welcome interview (French only). Bretagne is filled with inspiring landscapes. Last week-end, I walked around the Kermorvan peninsula: Picture by y.caradec

Great ballet school in Alsace

Maria Guerrero studied at the Royal Ballet School in London , then had a career as a dancer, a choreographer, and a maître de ballet. I have been delighted to study ballet at her school, the Ballet Studio Guerrero , since October 2010. She is a great ballet teacher, anchored in the tradition, both very demanding and respectful with all students. The show At the end of April, Maria organized a show at La Coupole , a beautiful theater house in Saint-Louis, France. Dancing on a professionally equipped stage is such a fundamental experience for all dancers: it's necessary from a pedagogical point of view, and it is a lot of fun as well. Here is an excerpt of a piece Maria Guerrero choreographed for this show: Widgets