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Aqua Solo by Alex Tarbert - live recording

I want to congratulate and thank the excellent bassist Alex Tarbert, who performed the premiere of my composition for double bass solo Aqua Solo.Here is the link to listen to and download the track on
Aqua Solo - composition for double bass solo
First part: arco
Second part: pizzicato (starts after about 3 minutes)Have a look at the program notes, and a glimpse of the manuscript, on the concert announcement post.In case you are a bass player, and want to include a piece in a double bass competition or a double bass recital, don't hesitate to contact me!

Expo 74

Want to hear my French accent in San Francisco? Check out this short video!If you feel like patching, I suggest:Gregory Taylor's brand new article LFO Tutorial 4: Building Complexity.a Max/MSP/Jitter patch to slice sounds automatically: I posted it recently with my other spectral patches (10-sliced-playback).

Eruption for Orchestra

BMOP reading my orchestration of Eddie Van Halen's EruptionThe electric guitar solo Eruption, by Van Halen, is "considered one of the most influential rock instrumentals of all time" (see linked wikipedia article). This Spring, I had a lot of fun transcribing it into a 2-minute orchestral piece. I bought the CD Van Halen, along with the transcriptions Van Halen Best Of, Volume I (Best of Van Halen). After analyzing the piece, I wrote the arrangement while paying a special attention to the orchestral playability. That's why I used very different time signatures than the ones in the guitar transcription book aforementioned.An Orchestration Course at HarvardThis was my final project for a great orchestration class that I took this spring in the Music Department. Michael Gandolfi, Chair of the composition department at New England Conservatory, was teaching it as a special guest. With five other composers, we were lucky to study with this artist, very experienced and so …