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Prisma meeting - Summer 2015

This year, the Prisma meeting took place at Ircam from July 5th to 7th. Jacopo Baboni was the main organizer, as usual; Hans Tutschku showed how he uses light live electronics & spatialization in his compositions Still Air 3 for oboe, bass clarinet & electronics, and Shadow of bells for piano & electronics; Orjan Sandred presented his recent compositions, as well as new developments in his contraint programming for computer-aided composition; Johannes Kretz shared his Timbre Tunnel to morph sound in real-time; Michele Tadini gave a new version of his granular synthesis tool the T-Grain ; Invited for the first time, Stéphane Boussuge presented the computer-aided composition tool Opusmodus - to know more about it, check out this article on music radar: Composition meets programming with OpusModus ; Jean Bresson, Jérémie Garcia and Xavier Favory presented computer-aided composition tools (especially a new reactive mode in OpenMusic) and interfaces for the control