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From Max 3.5 to Max 8

Cycling74 just released Max 8 , the new version of the graphical programming environment for music, video, and more generally interactivity with new media. I won't tell you about all of the new features (multi-channel objects and patch cords, etc.), you can read that on their web site. Rather, I'll celebrate with a picture I took when I attended the first Expo 74, in San Francisco, in 2009. Yes, at this time, cycling74 had offices in San Francisco! An interview with David Zicarelli Here are a couple of sentences from an interview with David Zicarelli , cycling74's CEO. I believe the interview took place in 2001. I find reading these sentences so enjoyable, I hope it will make you happy as well! Are you surprised at the affection that users hold for Max? In order to get anything out of the program, you have to get into it in a way that demands a certain level of commitment. In many situations in life, commitment and affection are found together. What version of Max i