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Insa Music Studies: 30th anniversary

The musique études section at the National Institute for Applied Sciences in Lyon celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. The final event consists in a free concert this Sunday, with a program dedicated to Jaco Pastorius . See the concert's poster, and below a couple of links to learn more about the INSA and the Music Studies section. Insa: les 1001 facettes de l'excellence de l' ingénieur : an article in the French Grandes Écoles Journal; Article in the February edition of envue , the school's information letter; The AMI, Association musicale de l'Insa is the dynamic student organization which organizes concerts throughouth the year - a great way for members to learn a lot about artistic events management - and to have fun! La Rotonde , a 400-seat concert hall run completely by a student organization, from booking to the sound & lighting system; The Insatiable is the students' paper. They released a special edition covering the Music Studies a

Tremplin Jeunes en Scènes helps new talents

Tonight, I have the honor of serving as one of three judges in the competition organized by Pass Musique in Guipavas, near Brest, France. With music producers Ted from Rennes and Cédric Fautrel from Brest, we are going to listen to five groups and five singers, in genres going from rock to pop to hip-hop. See below the presentation of the artists, before listening to them tonight!