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Meet Prisma in Shanghai

Prisma is a group of composers and researchers dedicated to International Pedagogy and Research on Assisted Musical Systems . The next Prisma event is happening in Shanghai Conservatory as part of the 2009 Shanghai International Electroacoustic Music Week. From October 16th to 26th, you can attend workshops (including hands-on instruction by the best specialists of PWGL ), a series of conferences, and concerts. I have been invited with the following musicians and researchers: Hans Tutschku , composer, Harvard University (USA) Jacopo Baboni-Schilingi , composer, Conservatory of Montbeliard (France) Orjan Sandred , composer, researcher, University of Manitoba (Canada) Johannes Kretz , composer, researcher, University of Vienna (Austria) Mikael Laurson , researcher, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki (Finland) Carlos Caires , composer, Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa and CITAR - Research Center for Science and Technology in Art (Portugal) Mika Kuuskankare , researcher, composer, Center for

Perpetuum mobile - meditation for dancing clarinetist

Above is the manuscript of Perpetuum mobile , the second part of PPP for dancing clarinetist. The music is to be performed legato sempre using circular breathing . When the clarinetist reaches the end, s/he circles back to the top, and can play it for as long as desired. The dance movement is notated in Labanotation / Kinetography Laban (just one side is notated). It should be looped as well. The movement should be very slow, inspired by the Butoh art of dancing . Perpetuum mobile starts at 2:25 in the PPP video This section of PPP is more minimalist than Stockhausen 's In Freundschaft , Harlekin , Tanze Luzefa , and other innovative pieces created by Suzanne Stephens . If you're a clarinet player, I hope you enjoy performing it!

Robert Levin is a true music lover

This fall of 2009, I am fortunate to be appointed head teaching fellow for Harvard's core course B-54: Chamber Music From Mozart to Ravel , taught by Robert Levin (Curriculum Vitae on Harvard Music Department's web site) (there is a shorter biography on wikipedia). Attending a lecture by Robert Levin is a great experience. He believes that anyone can have fun listening to great music, and he is very talented to communicate his fascination for music. Whether you never listened to classical music in your life, or you are an accomplished musician, you will hear music differently after listening to him. For this year's edition of the course, he chose to spend some time with the following pieces of chamber music: Joseph Haydn String Quartet in E-flat major, Op. 33/2, Hob. III:38 (“Joke”) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 25. Sonate in A: KV 256 for violin and piano Franz Schubert Trio in E-flat Major, D 929 op. 100 Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Second String Quartet Robert Schumann P