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Rotonde 2015

Many thanks to Éric Guérin, pianist, bassist, and computer scientist: we premiered Rotonde 2015 last week. I composed this piece for the inauguration concert of the Section Musique Études ' new piano. In this composition for piano & live electronics, I used a Korg Electribe & live software synthesis. This great night of music featured classical, romantic, jazz music, and more. Congrats to the organizers of the piano subscription: Jean Bacot, Emmanuel Roux, and Arnaud Sandel - who is the head of the program, a Professor in Mechanics, and an excellent percussionist!

Contemporary Accordion Music

Tomorrow, I have the great pleasure to accompany accordionist Céline Rivoal's recital with live electronics. Picture by Rosalie Tsai, Testo by Davide Ianni, Electrocution 2015 Music Festival The program includes: Brèves by Jacques Rebotier Testo for accordion & live electronics, by Davide Ianni Winter Seeds by Klaus Hüber Schattensprüngen by Heiner Frauendorf and the classic Like a Water Buffalo by Yuji Takahashi Improvised miniatures Here is a screenshot of my live electronics environment for an improvisation with Céline tomorrow: Details: