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Syhamo and Sy~

As I mentioned in an earlier post, sculptor Oscar Wiggli is passionate about sounds . This passion, plus his wife Janine's interest in electronics, led to the creation of the Syhamo, a synthesizer interacting with its environment, the kind of project that was not so common at the beginning of the 1980s. Last year, I had the great pleasure to see three students build and program a new version of the Syhamo: they called it Sy~ . Together, we visited the Wigglis in Switzerland - see Antonin Segault's report with pictures of the actual Syhamo . The visual dimension The original Syhamo creates music reacting to temperature, distance from users, a.o. How the Syhamo works: cover of the book Syhamo , published by Iroise . The Sy~ goes further by synthesizing visuals as well as sounds. Here are examples from the original beta version: Sy~ demo from Camille Henriot on Vimeo . Art & Glitch I was thrilled to learn that the three young professionals who created the Sy~ (Cam