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Max for Live: Extreme Time Stretching with Spectral Stretch

In this post, I'm giving insights into the creation of the Spectral Stretch Max for Live Device . There are many ways to achieve audio time stretching without transposition . Some time-based methods build on Pierre Schaefer 's Phonogène . Another approach consists in processing the sound in spectral domain, using a phase vocoder . In this case, the audio samples are converted to spectral data through a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). Then, even if we focus on extreme time stretching, the details of the phase vocoder implementation have important consequences on the sound quality and the tool's flexibility for live usage. Before introducing the Max for Live device Spectral Stretch, let's have a look at a selection of four possible algorithms: Paulstretch Max Live Phase Vocoder Interpolation between recorded spectra Stochastic Re-synthesis from a recorded sonogram Paulstretch Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch , also known as Paulstretch , is an algorithm designed

Petrified, for baritone saxophone & electronics

After we could not play Petrified during the 2020 Electrocution Festival , I arranged a new version of the piece for baritone saxophone & live electronics . As soon as I sent it to saxophonist extraordinaire Stéphane Sordet , he was onboard to make a recording! Stéphane recorded the saxophone part in Brest, while I adjusted and recorded the live electronics in Iowa City. After I sent him a mixed version he added video: I'm humbled by the amount of work Stéphane put in this project. I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to perform it live with him! The live electronics may be performed in different ways: a musician performs live electronics as designed and provided by the composer, or a variation thereof, in a duet with the saxophonist. a musician performs improvised live electronics in a duet with the saxophonist. the saxophonist performs by themselves using the live electronics as designed and provided by the composer, or a variation thereof. the saxophon