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Prisma meeting - Summer 2020

This summer, the Prisma group of composers & music technologists met online instead of at Ircam. The meetings took place every day from July 6 to July 9, in four different time zones:6-8pm in Paris, Berlin & Vienna12-2pm in Boston/Cambridge11am-1pm in Winnipeg & Iowa City9-11am in Los Angeles We had a great set of presentations:Hans Tutschku: Composing with Large Sound CollectionsJacopo Baboni Schilingi: Le Temps de l'ÉchoJohannes Kretz: creative (mis)understandingsJohannes Kretz: Experiences with Live-Electronics – completely on iPad and (almost) completely wirelessOrjan Sandred & Julien Vincenot: Cluster Engine from PWGL into Max as part of MOZlibOrjan Sandred: Creative projectsJean-François Charles: Spectral envelopes: gaussian blur, cepstral cross-synthesis, and historical pattern recognitionAs per usual, the presentations touched on topics ranging from aesthetics to art & technology. We all learnt a lot. We hope to meet physically next year, for more improm…