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A couple of 2015 projects

A couple of projects coming up for 2015: Composition of a new piece for the Austrian Bass Clarinet club, a bass clarinet sextet led by the amazing Petra Stump & Heinz-Peter Linshalm; Performance during the Electr[o]cution interactive music festival in Brest, in the Spring; Première of Electroclarinet 4, for Eb clarinet & (analog) live electronics; Design & composition of an interactive alpine cow bell... presentation in July, in the Alps. I'll let you know more about these in the coming months. Enjoy the end of 2014!

Electroclarinet 6 - from manuscript to score

Looking for the studio album? Visit After the recording , here are a couple of pictures, from the early sketches to the score: Part I , first sketch & score: Part II , from my pocket notebook: Part III , sketch & score excerpt:

Electroclarinet 6 - listen online

Looking for the studio album? Visit After the première of Electroclarinet 6 in November , I just posted a recording online. The composition is articulated in three parts: Part I: 0:00 to 6:15 Part II: 6:15 to 9:25 Part III: 9:25 to 14:06