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Commencement approaches

On Thursday, I'm having the honor to serve as one of the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Commencement Marshals during the 360th Harvard Commencement . Last year, I played clarinet during a 6 a.m. procession to the Tercentenary Theater . For sure, this year will be different! Commencement 2010, playing an early gig with my friend Alan, and others.

Megumi Tabuchi's Ballade

My friend clarinetist Megumi Tabuchi just e-mailed me the youtube link to her version of my Ballade for dancing clarinetist . Thank you Megumi for taking the time & energy to learn this piece! Congratulations on your performance! I made the score available online in 2009: Ballade's score .

Multiphonic series & glissando : the fingerings

Following up on last week's clarinet multiphonic sound video , here are the fingerings for the multiphonic series: And for the combined multiphonic sound and glissando:

Sonograms of Clarinet Multiphonics

Last summer, I posted a few pictures of clarinet multiphonic sound sonograms (sometimes called spectrograms ). I just posted a new short video: Sonograms of Clarinet Multiphonics . It includes four sounds: Bb clarinet multiphonic series Bb clarinet multiphonic with glissando on part of the sound Bb clarinet split tone showing formants Contrabass clarinet from subtone to full sound (not a multiphonic, but such a rich spectrum) I'm indebted to Pr. Eric Heller , professor of the Harvard General Education course The Physics of Music and Sound , and to my clarinet teacher, Armand Angster , a specialist of all things clarinet.