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Fête de la musique with Ensemble Sillages

Today is the Fête de la musique in France and around the world, as every 21st of June since 1982. Tonight, I'll be performing Electroclarinet 5 and excerpts from Electroclarinet 6, as well as improvised music with saxophonist Stéphane Sordet. We are playing at the invitation of the contemporary music ensemble Ensemble Sillages.Here is the schedule:Brest, SNCF train station5 p.m. Jean-François Charles: clarinets, objects & electronics; Stéphane Sordet: saxophones.Brest, rue Étienne DoletStage shared with Penn ar Jazz and the Brest Conservatory5 p.m. jazz students from Brest conservatory7:15 p.m. ensemble Sillages Stéphane Sordet/Jean-François Charles8 p.m. Christophe Rocher & Frédéric Briet (creative jazz)8:30 p.m. Plus d’amour9 p.m. Moon swing9:50 p.m. Rrrr + duo Lucas / Trémentin (free jazz/impro)10:30 p.m. Duo Descofar (revisited celtic music)11:15 p.m. No pilot (repetitive electronic noise)