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More bass clarinet coming up

Monday, last week in Helsinki, in the green room before the première of Electroclarinet 6: the clarinet fixing kit was precious when it came to fine-tuning this old Buffet bass clarinet! I had a wonderful time in Finland, where I met with great musicians and artists. Expect more about this musical trip in upcoming posts. In the meantime, I am performing Electroclarinet 6, for bass clarinet & live electronics , on Friday, November 28th, in Brest. Hope to see you there!

Electroclarinet 6 premièred at MuteFest'14

Looking for the studio album? Visit On Monday, November 17th, I'll be performing in Helsinki, in the beautiful "Black Box" space at the Sibelius Academy, during the MuteFest'14 electronic music festival . Information is also available here, in Finnish . I'm looking forward to meeting the academy's dynamic artistic community, as well as cellist Émilie Girard-Charest, who is performing on Monday, too . Program notes I'm going to première Electroclarinet 6 , for bass clarinet & live electronics, and perform Electroclarinet 5 , as well. Tentative program notes: Electroclarinet 5 is a composition for clarinet & live electronics, and an homage to Igor Stravinsky . The score is built around four motives directly inspired by Stravinsky's Three Pieces for Clarinet solo and Piano-Rag-Music . The performer plays around the score, following paths of her/his choice, or adventuring out of the suggested paths. The live electroni

Workshop on Musical Timbre

I'm looking forward to meeting a number of friends of mine in Paris tomorrow, for a Workshop on Musical Timbre , at the invitation of Juan Bello .

Jam at Espace Léo Ferré

Two musical evenings celebrating the 20 years of the Léo Ferré space . On stage Wednesday, Nov. 12th, 9 p.m.: Nikolaz Cadoret, harp & electronics Jean-Philippe Le Coz, tuba & trombone François Lucas, saxophone, oboe, English horn & electronics Céline Rivoal, accordion Christian Sarrau, saxophone & electronics Jean-François Charles, clarinets & electronics And of course, our host: Thierry Tremintin, drums