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Anika Kildegaard sings the Missa brevis Abbaye de Thélème

This missa brevis is part of the tradition of musical masses, from Guillaume de Machaut to Gabriel Fauré and Pierre Henry to cite French composers. I was also inspired by Mozart 's short masses - I conducted one of them when I was a student. Six French poets are contributing major texts to the ceremony. The works gives voice to many musical styles: you might hear the influence of Pink Floyd , Karlheinz Stockhausen , Albert Ayler , Dr. Dre , Eminem , Mylène Farmer , La Gale , Keny Arkana , or Lady Gaga . Introitus Instrumental Kyrie feat. Jhe Russell François Rabelais , Inscription mise sur la grande porte de Thélème Gloria Marceline Desbordes-Valmore , Veillée Credo Paul Verlaine , Le ciel est par-dessus le toit , Asperges me Offertorium Instrumental Sanctus feat. Jhe Russell Arthur Rimbaud , Le Mal Benedictus Charles Baudelaire , L'Examen de minuit Agnus Dei François Villon , Ballade des pendus Ite, missa est Inst

Missa brevis Abbaye de Thélème: teasers

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