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Prisme... the program

Tonight's concert features a unique blend of classical and improvised music. Piano compositions by Scarlatti , Bach , Bartok , and Crumb , are interlaced with variations by Jean-Marc Larché (soprano saxophone), Patrice Thomas (guitar), and myself (contrabass clarinet & electronics). Anne Condamin & Jean-Marc Larché are giving with this program their personal vision of the third stream music. Yet another reason why I'm so happy to perform with them tonight.

Prisme... the artists

You are invited this Friday night, June 15th, 2012, in Montbéliard (France). I'm going to let you know about the program, but first, let me introduce the artists: I'm thrilled to be performing with amazing musicians. The artists Anne Condamin, piano Anne Condamin enjoys performing piano music covering an impressive range of classical music, from baroque music to creations in collaboration with the composers. Check out her recent album simply titled Schumann : Jean-Marc Larché, soprano saxophone Jean-Marc Larché is known for his collaborations with pianist François Couturier: their most recent major project is the Tarkovsky Quartet. Patrice Thomas, guitar Patrice Thomas performs with different groups, composes, and teaches jazz workshops. He won the 1st prize at the La Defense (Paris) jazz competition with the Isis Quartet.