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6-8/60 - Keyboard Piece 1

Keyboard Piece 1 is a composition for keyboard. Any keyboard. Piano, harpsichord, accordion, electric guitar, steel drums, tuned gongs, or more. The score indicates the notes and rhythm. Dynamics, articulation, and timbre are left up to the performer.
Here is a synthesizer recorded version (hit play to listen.)The piece is in 3 parts, approximately:1st minute: Kyrie2nd minute: Christe3rd minute: KyrieDedication and InspirationThis piece constitutes minutes 6, 7, and 8 of the 60/60 project. I am honored to dedicate this music to Bert Van Herck and Brigitte Urien.
Bert Van Herck is a great Belgian composer. Listen to his recent piano composition Méandres on pianist Seda Röder's web site.When composing, I found inspiration in:Debussy's La Mer. Composer Magnus Lindberg revealed us a little secret: he always composes with the scores of Stravinsky's Le Sacre du Printemps and Debussy's La Mer on his desk. He is thus able to look for ideas inside, in case he is stuck. I alread…

Ensemble New Flore - 2001 to 2005

Do you know the Wayback Machine? It automatically archives the content of web sites. On the site, you can visit web sites as they were several years ago. I just discovered this service, and I had a look at the archive.I founded the Ensemble New Flore in 2001, and we produced musical shows until 2005, when I moved to Cambridge, USA.
With a great team of artists and technicians, we performed shows in France, Switzerland and Poland:2001: Autour du Zodiaque2002: Danse Orange2003: Nowa muzyka 2003 - 2004: évolutive 1 2 32004: Spirales2005: Lieu IIIt was a privilege to work with the following artists over these years: Jean-Luc Tartera and Maurice Gabioud (actors), Franck Cottet-Dumoulin and Jean-Daniel Hégé (double bass), Alice Gervais-Ragu (dance), Édith Le Rôle and Brenda Ohana (percussion), Elsa Biston (live electronics and sound diffusion), Paul Lienhard and Amandine Grevoz (highly competent technicians).So much funLeading the Ensemble New Flore was an extraordinary ex…

Dudley House Jazz Bands - Concert!

Since September 2007, I have been leading the Dudley House Jazz Bands at Harvard University. I am a so-called "Dudley Fellow", and my exciting job includes leading a full Big Band, taking care of a smaller and freer Improvisation Workshop, and organizing the concerts.You are invited to our winter concert: Wednesday, February 20th at Dudley House, 8:45 p.m. Free.Public rehearsalOn December 12th, 2007, Nathan (bass) brought a recorder to the rehearsal. Hit the button "play" to hear Chant Bien Fatal by Maurice Merle.You are listening to:Michael Heller, alto saxAlan Lenarcic, tenor saxJean-François Charles, contrabass clarinetNathan Fosse, pianoNathan Haselby, upright bassDan Jeffs, drumsProgram of the concertBig BandEgyptian (Carla Bley)All of Me (Simons & Marks)Hercab (Gianluigi Trovesi, arrangement Corrado Guarino)Choro Dançado (Maria Schneider)ComboMoving Parts (Ethan Fenn, world premiere)Improvisation WorkshopXiao-Li Meng (Alan Lenarcic, world premiere)Chant B…

Bleu 3 - Premiere - Inside the score

Bleu 3, my recent composition for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano, will be premiered on Saturday, Feb. 9th. The concert takes place in Paine Hall, Harvard University Music Department, at 8 p.m. The great performers will be:Rane Moore, clarinetGabby Diaz, violinBenjamin Schwartz, celloYoko Hagino, pianoEric Hewitt, conductorNew musicThis concert is organized by the Harvard Group for New Music. The program includes also new music by composers:Ashley FureUlrich KreppeinMatthew MendezDominique SchaferBert Van HerckTolga YayalarLook inside the score!Have a look inside the score of Bleu 3. It will be available for purchase very soon.
The instrumentation is the same as Olivier Messiaen's Quatuor pour la fin du Temps (Quartet for the End of Time), and you will find allusions to this piece in the score. If you can come to the concert, make sure we talk together during the after-concert reception!