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Electroclarinet 2 - contrabass clarinet & live electronics

Looking for the studio album? Visit I already mentioned Electroclarinet 2 on this blog; this composition for contrabass clarinet & live electronics is an homage to Debussy's Cello sonata . An audio excerpt is now available (link to Bandcamp: Electroclarinet 2 ) Electroclarinet 2 by Jean-Francois Charles For more information on the live electronic processing, check these earlier posts: Live sound processing in Electroclarinet 2 - part 1 Live sound processing in Electroclarinet 2 - part 2

Problems about the science of music & sound

The problem book, companion to Why You Hear What You Hear , is out. The pdf is available as a free download from . The book is organized to mirror the structure of Why You Hear What You Hear (link to amazon): Sound Itself Analyzing Sound Making Sound Musical Instruments Psychoacoustics & Music Soundspaces If you are interested in music, sound, and acoustics, I hope you are going to enjoy having a look. Would you guess which piano is the biggest, given samples from three different instruments?