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Axoloti at NIME 2018

I'm thrilled to take part in the NIME 2018 conference (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) next week at Virginia Tech. I'll be presenting a poster paper titled Using the Axoloti Embedded Sound Processing Platform to Foster Experimentation and Creativity. We wrote the paper with students from the New Musical Instruments class I taught in the Fall: musician and computer scientist Andrew Willette and composers Carlos Cotallo Solares and Carlos Toro Tobon. I'll be performing a new piece, as well. More on that later!

At the Record Store: Art Ensemble of Chicago

So glad after my most recent visit to the Record Collector store. Look what I found: an original Made in West Germany CD from the Art Ensemble of Chicago: The Third Decade. I remember when, middle ou high school student, I discovered the group's music with the Urban Bushmen CD, at the public library...
The Third Decade is a great album; it also reminds me of my days in Lyon, when we attended so many ARFI shows (Association à la Recherche d'un Folklore Imaginaire).