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Benedictus premieres tonight

I'm thrilled to announce the première tonight of Benedictus, the seventh part of my Arc-en-ciel cycle. I'm even more thrilled because the performance features two unique artists, with whom I profoundly enjoyed working: Isabelle Jost, a great singer and professor. I already worked with her in 2005 for the première of ZygomaticJean-Marc Larché, the excellent saxophonist who plays notably in the Tarkovsky Quartet (they recorded on ECM: Tarkovsky Quartet's recordings)Sacred musicIn the Arc-en-ciel cycle, Benedictus is associated with the color purple, and with the theme of spiritual life. Religion, life & death collide when the latin text meets Baudelaire's poem L'examen de Minuit, from Les Fleurs du Mal.The composition has also been inspired by the French artist Mylène Farmer.Tonight's concertConcert is taking place in Montbéliard, in the Palot concert hall, at 8:30 p.m.The program features many compositions for acoustic instruments and live electronics:Hans T…

Benedictus is a pop song

Last summer, I presented you with the first sketch for a new composition called Benedictus. A few weeks later, the sketch had received a number of updates. You can see additional layers on the most recent version:Well, this composition turns out to be a kind of pop song. The singer is accompanied by an electronic music track which production I just finished, and by a live soprano saxophone.Benedictus will be premiered very soon: stay tuned to get all the details!

Risorius: more musical laughter to listen to

I just uploaded a recording of Risorius, a composition for six singers premièred a year ago by the Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart. Listen or download below:Risorius by Jean-Francois CharlesOn a post about the related composition Zygomatic, I mentioned other examples of musical laughters. Thanks to the Library of Congress, I must now add to this list a 1906 recording of different laughters, including one during the final musical piece...


Voilà!Photograph by Martha Stewart
from the GSAS web site images of commencement 2011It was a great pleasure to meet many friends in Cambridge last week. Thank you all for your friendship. Thanks for your support during my years as a Ph.D. student!Bénédicte photographed the early processionThis Commencement was also a musical event. Tenor Plácido Domingo was made Doctor of Music. Then, hearing that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an opera aficionado, he improvised a little song for her (see embedded video below):