Dance Gala 2019

I've been honored to collaborate on two creations for the University of Iowa Dance Gala 2019.


This has been a true collaboration with choreography by Jennifer Kayle live video and media design by Daniel Fine, and music created with Joseph Norman & Jonathan Wilson. We play live to the show: Jonathan on tenor sax & Buchla analog synthesizer, Joseph on electric guitar, and me on custom live electronics.

Struggle for Pleasure

For this piece, choreographer Armando Duarte invited Joseph Norman to compose a new score for the Laptop Orchestra at the University of Iowa. The composition is a kind of concerto for double bass and soprano: the soloists are LIGAMENT. The orchestra features setar, laptop-based synthesizer, electric violin, bass, live electronic processing of the soloists.

Before the curtain lift, dress rehearsal #2.

I hope you can make it to the Hancher auditorium tonight for the second show!


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