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Jamshid Jam Fall Tour 2023

September 8: theory & musicology colloquium, University of Iowa. Thank you colleagues, and Sarah Suhadolnik for the pictures! September 11: University of Nebraska, Omaha. Thank you music technologist Seth Shafer ! September 12: Iowa State University, Ames. Thank you astromusicologist Ritwik Banerji ! September 15: Impromptu Fest, High Concept Labs, Chicago. Thank you pianist and composer Amy Wurtz , pianist Marianne Parker , composer Ben Zucker , cellist Alyson Berger , photographer Andy Yau for the pictures, and everyone at New Music Chicago! September 22: Stanley Museum of Art , University of Iowa. Thank you curator of learning & engagement Kimberly Datchuk, and everyone at the Stanley - we love this museum! We hope to see you today at the Stanley, 6:30-8pm!