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Relative... la vérité

Relative is the short piece I composed for mezzo soprano, tenor, and live electronics . In the previous post, I told you the lyrics were based on anagrams (in French). Here they are: Mezzo-soprano: Relative      Tenor: La vérité ("the truth") Tenor: La courbure de l'espace-temps ("the curvature of space-time")      Mezzo-soprano: Superbe spectacle de l'amour These letter permutations come from a great short book of anagrams (in French), mixing poetry and fascination for science: By the way, I also used the permutations in the text as a basis to compose the sung melodies...

Miniature for mezzo soprano, tenor, and live electronics

I was thrilled when Isabelle Jost, singer and professor at the Montbéliard conservatory, came up with a composition project for students of hers. To collaborate with colleagues who are great artists is among the missions and the pleasures of working in a dynamic pedagogical team. I just finished a draft of a very short piece for mezzo & tenor: they are going to perform it at their final recital this year, along with classical and romantic style. Live electronics are performed by the singers themselves, using Roland VE-20 vocal processors . Here is the score draft: The lyrics come from two anagrams, in French. Will you find them?