Extreme time stretching with Max/MSP/Jitter

2020 update: if you are looking for the Max for Live device, check out the post Max for Live: Extreme Time Stretching with Spectral Stretch.

Using a phase vocoder is one way of stretching the length of a sound without transposing it.

The following video is related to the free pdf article A Tutorial for Spectral Sound Processing with Max/MSP and Jitter, published in the Computer Music Journal, Fall 2008. It illustrates extreme time stretching and audio freeze.

Your own Max/MSP/Jitter Phase Vocoder

If you are using the Max/MSP/Jitter development environment to design audio & video interactive applications, make your own phase vocoder. In this series of Max/MSP/Jitter tutorial patches for sound processing in spectral domain (link updated 01/12/2010), patches number 1, 2, 3, 7, and 8 are the most directly related to this video.

Of course, the MSP Tutorial 25 and Tutorial 26 will be will get you started with the FFT inside Max/MSP, in case you are new to the spectral domain.


  1. Amazing... thank you so much for your efforts and willingness to share with others. I am a student and am finding your work one of the best recources for studying and understanding FFTs.


  2. yes, i agree with fletcher!
    thank you so much!!! this is what i was searching for but never achieved to do in this extraordinary quality!!!

  3. great! there is in Max a way to visualize the sonogram of an existing audio file? (as Acousmographe do)

  4. Well, you can find ways (google "Max patches for spectral processing" - you'll find some of my patches that could be tweaked into what you're looking for). For real-time sonogram, you can also use the Max object "spectroscope~".


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