1-5/60 - Live Saturation (starring Mario Caroli)

Here is the recording of Live Saturation, for flute and electronic music. Flutist Mario Caroli was recorded live on May 24th, 2008 in Paine Hall, Harvard Music Department.

I already told you about my collaboration with poet Ruth Lepson for the production of the electronic music. That was a real pleasure to see her come not only to the concert, but also to a whole rehearsal.

Read her texts on www.ruthlepson.org.

Hit play to listen:

1-5/60 - Live Saturation by Jean-Francois Charles

You will find on a previous post the program notes.

The flute part

The complete performance score is only 3 pages long. Cues from the electronic music part are rather easy to hear. As you can see (click on the pictures for more details), the degree of synchronization between the flute and the electronic music is left quite free. The performer must trust his/her ears and musical sense; by listening to the poem and recorded music, he/she decides when to play. Note that the musical phrases should be performed as precisely as possible.

Live Saturation Flute Electronic Music ScoreLive Saturation Flute Electronic Music ScoreLive Saturation Flute Electronic Music Score

Join the creation

The music is released under a Creative Commons by-nc-sa license, as all music in the 60/60 project. Get your personalized minute of music, share and remix!

Picture with rain in Paris after "fuente de vida" Creative Commons License by bachmont.


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