Jean-Francois Charles & Gozo Yoshimasu

In April 2017, I was invited along with the Laptop Orchestra at the University of Iowa to take part in a performance with living legend Gōzō Yoshimasu.

The organizers at the International Writing Program were wonderful, and trusted us completely for this concert mixing live performance, poetry readings, and music. I'm glad to share here selected excerpts where I perform on clarinet (I also played live electronics at some points in the show). The laptop orchestra sounded great this evening. Musicians were:

  • Nima Hamidi, setar & live electronics
  • Joseph Norman, electric guitar & live electronics
  • Kris Peysen, electric guitar & live electronics
  • Jacob Simmons, guitar & live electronics
  • Carlos Toro-Tobon, Buchla analog Synthesizer & live electronics
  • Special guest: Patricia Hartland, electric bass

The Medium is the Messenger
A show designed and inspired by Gozo Yoshimasu
Readings and translations by Forrest Gander, Sawako Nakayasu, and Kyoko Yoshida

Video by Toko Shiiki Imagery.


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