LOUi Laptop Orchestra meets Gozo Yoshimazu

Coming up on Wednesday! LOUi, the Laptop Orchestra at the University of Iowa meets poet and artist Gozo Yoshimazu. I just met this afternoon with him, his translators, and the organizers: the project is really exciting!

Theater B, Theater Building, Wednesday April 19th, 2017, 7 p.m.

  • Nima Hamidi, setar & live electronics
  • Joseph Norman, electric guitar & live electronics
  • Kris Peysen, electric guitar & live electronics
  • Jacob Simmons, guitar & live electronics
  • Carlos Toro-Tobon, Buchla analog Synthesizer & live electronics
  • Special guest: Patricia Hartland, electric bass & more

I hope to see you there!

Update April 18: see the article in the Daily Iowan.


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