From Ayler to Sclavis

Steve Grismore is an exceptional guitar player: he can play anything and is always ready for a new adventure (like when we created the piece Guitar School with the Laptop Orchestra at the University of Iowa). He recently released Better Times (Are A Comin'), a new trio album dedicated to the music of Ornette Coleman.

Steve invited me to present this Friday at the Jazz Seminar. I decided to talk about Maurice Merle, the Workshop de Lyon, and in a way, the links between Albert Ayler and Louis Sclavis. I'm so glad: I just received today in the mail the 50th anniversary album of the Workshop de Lyon.

The CDs I'm going to play at the seminar:

We're also going to play live, along with Jim Dreier (drums) and Will Yager (bass): Chant Bien Fatal will be the tune (of course?)


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