Electroclarinet 1 - Live in Shanghai

Looking for the studio album? Visit www.electroclarinet.com

I recorded my own performance of Electroclarinet 1 in Shanghai. This is the direct sound from the clarinet (do you see the wireless microphone on the picture?) and the live electronics.

Jean-Francois Charles Electroclarinet 1 Clarinet Live Electronics
Shanghai, October 20th, 2009. Hope you like the white clarinet bell!
Picture by a member of the festival's organization.
Check the program notes on this announcement.

Frozen sounds in Electroclarinet 1

It's winter, and although it's not too cold in Cambridge today, it's a good time to talk about audio freeze (the equivalent of frozen frames in video). We can hear two different versions of frozen sounds in this composition:

  • from 2:50 to 3:50, several tremolos (sometimes arpeggios) are immediately frozen, and followed most of the time by a melodic phrase.
  • from 4:48, a high pitch (concert A) is frozen. Later, notes are added to this sound, building into a chord. The first note is added at 5:00, then 5:03, etc. The ice is melting at 5:26, when the frozen chord undergoes a long descending glissando.

I wish you a great - & warm - new year!


  1. hahah happy new year

    only audio no video???not enough!

    this picture increase my interest of shanghai ...send chen's email 2 me thanks!

  2. uh...you control it all by foot??
    i want to try it in max.

  3. Yes, the only controllers I used in this piece are a pedal ("expression pedal") and a double foot switch. One of the switches was used to trigger the next patch/preset/effect, as you want to call it. There was no other controller, indeed.


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